A Prologue

I was trying to decide on my first post this evening. You should know that I am overdramatic and the world is my stage. Often, I help myself by putting situations in perspective. What would it matter anyways when I am inevitably inducted into the hipster blog scene? And people call me conceited.

Firstly, embarassment would not be invited to this mixed-denim affair. We all have witnessed the unfortunate Facebook tradgedy. It follows:

One of your friends misuses your/you’re in an opinionated status update only to have their distant-relatives and acquaintances pull out their self-appointed Ph.D.’s in English grammar.¬†Seriously, they are more vicious than your ‘constructively’ critical high school English teachers.

Picture yourself crossing the finish line, winning the race. I whispered to myself, attempting to put things in perspective once again. My worst critique cackles as words of encouragement arrive at the scene. Also, I think I got that advice from one of my late night self-help book purchases on Amazon.

Alas, I persevered. I pictured myself answering questions to an accomplished journalist - you know, whoever the Anderson Cooper is of the blog scene. Instead of fine silver hair and suspiciously perfect skin, they will be equipped with a hardback Moleskine notebook. 

I am so excited to get to talk to you (bear with me, I’m conceited), here I have your first post. We all wonder, what was going through your mind when you drafted it?

Crap. So much for perspective.

I remember thinking how I wanted to be true to myself - something representative of what I liked to talk about. As the like would be the subjects of posts in the future.

Suddenly, the hipster journalist’s reserved laugh evolved into the familiar cackle.

So was that right swipe on that hot guy on Tinder mutual?

You should also know that I am selectively realistic. I am realistic only when it doesn’t make light of situations, so this question was fair game.

I had my first topic. Ever since downloading the dating app, I would find my mind wander. Could I be in the oh-so-stringent fifty mile radius of the one.

What is it that actually pulls people to Tinder? The possibility of true love or self-assurance? As this is obviously a developing story, stay tuned.